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After lots of questions its about time I made an FAQ page.

This page will be updated when I can, if there is known fact or information that might be useful to other Hams/ Clansman enthusiasts then drop me an email and i'll add it to this page.


Q. Why do my decade switches show 2khz higher than my actual TX frequency? i.e i'm QRV on 14.244mhz but the switches show 14.246mhz
A. On SSB the decade switches are showing the suppressed carrier frequency, but on CW and AM the switches will show the TX frequency as the carrier is not suppressed.

Q. What voltage does the PRC-320 operate on?
A. in the field, the PRC320 is normally powered by a 24v battery attached to the base of the tranceiver.

Q. Why won't my ANL headset work?
A. You need the later Green pressel switch inline as this version has a power output to run the headset.

Q. Is my PRC-320 waterproof?
A. Yes, its actually submersible for an hour and a half.

Q. Will my PRC-320 be ok to operate in hot climates?
A. Yes, the PRC-320 has a solar shield in the basic kit to stop direct sunlight on the chassis. The manual states that the radio will be stable between -37c to +52c

Q. What's the power output of a PRC-320?
A. The power output is 3 watts on low power (LP) and 30w on high power (HP).

Q. How long should my battery last?
A. The 3.3ah 24v battery is supposed to last 12 hours with a 9-1 receive/transmit ratio. In reality i've been operating for 2 hours on HP with no problems and about 6 hours on LP.

Q. Why is my PRC-320 making a high pitch tone?
A. You either have the mode selector on FREQ Check or the decade switches do not show the same frequency as the frequency range selector.

Q. Do I need to use the counterpoise?
A. If you are using an end fed wire, the 2.4m whip or the 5.5m mast you will get better results with counterpoise but if you're using a dipole with the ATU bypassed you don't need the counterpoise.

Q. How can I use LSB on my PRC-320?
A. All the UK 320's were USB, so you can't as standard but there is a LSB mod availible.

Q. When tuning my PRC-320 what am I aiming for?
A. When the ATU is set according to the chart, with ANT selected and the mode set to CW, depress the PTT and turn the dial until you see the highest peak on the gauge, repeat on the next number down and on the next number above on the load selector to confirm you've found the highest output.

Q. What is the FREQ CHK function for?
A. When monitoring a stable smooth carrier this function allows you to check your carrier is as stable

Q. What is the BNC loop on the back of the PRV-320 for?
A. It needs to be connected when using the internal ATU with any antennas connected to the socket/wire output terminal on the top of the 320, with resonant antennas this loop is removed allowing direct access to the BNC output.


To be continued