Frequently asked questions

Q. Why do you have so many callsigns?
A. I only really need to keep 2, my UK call M0VST and my US call KD8MGW the other two were novice and intermediate licenses.

Q. Why to you put www.m0vst.co.uk on everything?
A. Well.. let me try and explain it like this. It is like my brand, its me, the call represents me, I have to watermark my pictures and videos as to to protect my content, if you search the internet for my call you will see hundreds of thousands of results where my content gets posted, putting an intro/ending/watermark just makes sure the viewer knows where the original content came from and who owns the copyright. If you see my videos anywhere and they are edited get in touch

Q. Do you get paid from Youtube?
A. Yes but sadly 1 tenth of the amount I used to... its hardy worth monetizing.

Q. What is the meaning of "Obligatory QSO" ?
A. Its when I've made the effort to put up an antenna to demonstrate a function or SWR etc just to shoot a video to help explain something, I might as well at least try and have a contact using it, whatever the band conditions or limited power output.

Q. Why are there adverts on your web page?
A. Well I'm not well off, I don't have a permanent job, I don't claim ANY benefits from the State/government so I can do with any extra income I can.

Q. I spoke to you late one night on 80 meters, when we spoke again a week later you had forgotten me!
A. LOL! how late was it? I might not remember instantly but I will always be able to find your name and call in my notes, might be a few pages back!

Q. What is this "distractions" video series?
A. Just random shorts, something that caught my eye, maybe a one off event.

Q. Why is your youtube channel called Markbeermonster?
A. Aha! A nickname from days gone past! I had an amazing ability to drink a lot of San Miguel beer when I was younger, it stuck and was chosen as a username over seven years ago. I have other youtube accounts but stuck with my first channel.

Q. Can we send you items to review?
A. You sure can, drop me an email. If it needs returning I'll have to work out the logistics.

Q. Can I post your videos on my website.
A. Yes and No, I don't mind you using my content on your own sites via youtube's embedding script to put it on your non-profit website, but I do not give consent or permission to use any of my content as an advert to sell anything or showcase products without prior consent.

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