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No its not 36-24-36!

Here are some formulas and antenna length tables, either use the formulas to work out the length if if your building a dipole then i've added a chart for laziness.

It easy to remember dipole lengths, we know that the antenna is half a wave length long so its not hard to workout.  Lets pretend your making a forty meter dipole , the dipole will be half of the wavelength long in this case so its twenty meters wide which intern makes each element half again.

80 meters = 40 meters wide = 20 meters per element.

Here is the formula for and chart for a half wave dipole.
468 ÷ freq (mhz) = Length (feet).
 The length is often 5% shorter if the antenna is used as an inverted V

 7.100mhz  65' 11"
 10.100mhz46' 4"
 14.175mhz33ft 1/4"
 18.100mhz 25' 10" 7.88m
 21.225mhz 22' 1" 6.72m
 24.940mhz 18' 9"
 28.500mhz16' 5"
 50.2009' 4"

A full wave loop can be worked out using 1005 + freq (mhz) = length in feet.
A 5/8th wave vertical can be worked out with 585 / the freq (mhz) = length in feet

More to be added