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23 Days....

posted 26 Nov 2012, 08:54 by Unknown user
Hey all
Well its been 23 days since my last cigarette...
It still really difficult..
I can't say I really want to smoke one, the smell of them in the street from passers-by stink.
I think my body still wants it though, I crave it still :(

Not much to report on the radio front, some good contacts on 10 meters.
The mast has been down for a few days because of the foul weather here in Norfolk.  The wind peaked at 45mph here which would have sadly been the end to my un-guyed mast!
The floppy old Antron 99 bolted to the side of my shed survived, perhaps its a bit more floppy I don't know, It still works fine though and looks perfect on the AA-230pro, Amazing eh... for an old bit of junk!

I've got to get my beams up for VHF/UHF....

73 de Mark