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Good news and bad news..

posted 7 Feb 2011, 16:44 by   [ updated 8 Feb 2011, 14:36 by Unknown user ]
Well, the good news is that the mast stayed up, the resonant frequency didn't change and the wind stopped...

The bad news..
The 80m band was in really really bad shape...
It was easier to work Sweden and Poland than the UK!  The only UK stations I really worked were within 50 miles..

There was intense QRM ( and I mean INTENSE ) - probably the worst QRM I've every "tried" to work a contest.

The scores all round reflected this.  I think the biggest score I saw was 45 or so and that wasn't a UK operator.

I managed to score 25.  My all time low on the resonant dipole @12m.  During good conditions i've doubled that with 10 watts!

I apologise in advance if I caused any QRM to any of you.  The conditions were such that if we were on the same frequency I wouldn't have even known.... No amount of filtering was effective...

A true baptism of fire for anyone taking part for the first time.

73 de Mark