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Shack build in progress

posted 13 Aug 2012, 10:15 by Unknown user
Hi all
Been some time, i've about emptied my 100 boxes!
The new shack is coming on in small squirts of enthusiasm.
The cupboards are up, the desks are in, the power is 90% done and the earth is done.
I've still got to erect the antennas, run the coax,  start the counterpoise array, still got to collect some poles and then it will be unpacking the main equipment time..
The earth buzz bar finished
Earth came out well i'm happy with the installation, the 5 foot copper stake was not as tough to get in the ground this time and the run of 16mm earth went as planned.

I've still the start the radials but this time I've sunk the earth rod in a pit to make it easier and tidier way of planting the copper.
Earth pit without cover
Here shows the main feed from the shack and a loose tail ready to be attached to earth rail which in turn the radials attach to.
A peek at the power rail
Here is a little peek at the power rail, I will never run out of sockets again!

So... fingers crossed it won't be to much longer before I'm back on the air.

Let the coax wrestling commence

73 de Mark - M0VST