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The final countdown..

posted 8 Apr 2012, 13:37 by Unknown user
Nope its not a post about the Swedish rock band Europe.. I wish it was.
As some of you might have heard on the air I have a dead line.
At the moment I'm very lucky as I have lots of space to play antennas, my garden is large enough to get a half-wave dipole for 80 from corner to corner with spare.  There is also space while the 80 meter dipole is on the 12 meter mast for a 40 meter dipole and a quarter wave vertical for 20.

Here where the countdown comes in...
I'm in rented accommodation and my landlord is repossessing 95% of my garden..
So.. no more 12 meter masts or the rest of the antenna farm..

You might have noticed an improvement in my signal of later days, that will be the effect of the KW1000! 
I know i'm not going to be able to run maybe not even 100 watts after the garden changes without danger of causing interference.
So its the final countdown..
I intend to go with out with a bang and spend as much of the next 22 days enjoying the hobby.

I look forward to our QSO in the future.
73 de Mark

No more antenna Farm