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The next loop?

posted 18 Aug 2013, 14:54 by   [ updated 18 Aug 2013, 15:24 ]
Hi all
The first loop was just how I like it, I had every thing I needed here, I just needed to add some enthusiasm and bingo, the first loop was created there on my garden table in a few hours.

The second loop took ages which I didn't like, I couldn't just "get on with it, invent/make it up" as I went along etc.  I had to wait on parts which took ages and stopped creative spurts in their tracks.

I would like to build a 160/80m loop next. With the size of this loop its not going to be a portable item but it still needs to be rotatable, so as to be able to turn it away from ground wave QRM while still receiving those sky-wave stations.

I think this time I will wait till I've collected everything I need with a few extra bits and bobs in case one line of thinking fails I would like an instant backup instead of dragging the project on.

It's going to be big!

P.S. i'm really missing my 320, I can't wait to get it back from repair.
To be continued.....