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Up down up down up down

posted 21 Jun 2013, 04:08 by
Were has summer gone?

One minute its warm and steady, next minute the sky is black and the wind picks up.
My antennas have been up and down a lot recently and at the moment they are still down.

Looks like the low pressure will be here for a few days so its going to be dull, I was hoping to get out there and shoot  a video but with the drizzle I think I'll give it a miss, I've still got GB's of data to sift through and edit... joy.. lol

On a positive note I've put some of the green shack back together and i've been enjoying the VRC-321 working around the planet with 6 watts (more like less than 5 after losses!).  There has been some excellent activity on 10 meters with PY2GTI- Roberto perhaps being the furthest, defiantly a new country for 10 meters.
Sporadic openings on 6 meters have entertaining with CT2IWF - Paulo being the furthest, amazing as the antenna was one of the stubs on a triband VHF/UHF collinear

I've had great success with the "mystery green stick" antenna when it was mounted on a pole on the shed with QSO's on all over the bands from 40m to 6m, more of a test really to see if it was feasible as a portable antenna, more experiments to follow with this one, I didn't get chance to finish the tests before it got to noisy to shoot the results.

Hope to hear you on the air
73 de Mark - M0VST