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Well.. its all happening!

posted 6 Jun 2012, 09:50 by Unknown user
Hi all
Lots of things have happened since my last post..

The final countdown came rushing at me, even though I knew it was coming!
The fence was erected, the garden was reduced to the size of a postage stamp.
No space for any antennas... just stuck on 2m/70cm and 6m with the co-linear.. how dull (I'd rather stick needles in my eyes)

Well.. I moved :) no garden no antennas.. = no M0VST

At this present time I have no antennas up but the new location is even better than the last.
For starters it has a bigger garden more suited to an antenna farm. I only now have 1 neighbor instead of living on a small estate surrounded by houses all emitting various noises(QRM)!
I am surrounded by large open fields on the top of a small hill, Perfect.

So far so good, preliminary tests on the Buddipole/ft817nd and the Clansman PRC320 with a 2.4m vertical whip seem ok, a very very low noise floor on the bands I've tested with zero QRM.

I still have over 100 boxes to unpack before I can even think about building any sort of shack but I will be QRV /P and also out in the sun in the back garden with various antennas (I feel another paperclip session coming on hihi) I will have to see how I get on for time.

I look forward to getting some wire in the air and plantin' some copper!

Its amazing actually how much I have missed the radio, its just a hobby i know but when it was impossible to even receive i.e. not even any interwebs..... so no SDR's I missed my friends.

Take care all
I look forward to a QSO in the near future.
73 de Mark - M0VST