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Youtube comments - Google+ - the end is nigh

posted 9 Nov 2013, 04:32 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Nov 2013, 04:59 ]
Hi all
As most of you know I like to share my radio related experiments via the medium of video, I choose this medium because in 99.9% of the time its much easier to describe a process or an image/event with a video.  I chose YouTube in October 2006 as the place to start sharing my videos.

Well the last month or so I've been hassled by a bright red banner as soon as I watch any video, the banner says "Connect to google+ to maintain access to new comments" I've just clicked the X button and closed it, I'm fine without it thanks.  A week or so later I click on reply to a comment and the video stopped and a box popped up asking me what name I want to use for google+ ? NO NO NO I don't want google+ I close this popup and a green banner now appears on the top of the video saying

"OK, we'll ask you again later"  Well Youtube/Google my answer will always be the same, I don't want google+ and I opt out, I don't want to take part.  I don't want to be part of your social networking bullshit, I'm not on facebook or twitter why would I want to be part of your trash/prism/spying contraption.

Its like saying" you can't walk down our street unless you wear these red shoes" Well.. I choose to change my route and walk down another street. What is this? the fourth Reich ?

So we are at a point in youtube were I cannot reply to people commenting on my own videos, I cannot comment on my friends videos.  I can imagine eventually either I won't be able to even edit my videos or sign in for that matter, unless they automatically think its cool to sign me up......

I've enjoyed my time on youtube, I've seen some amazing things and I've meet some amazing people who share the same interest in the medium of video but I think its time to draw a line and call it a day and get out while I still have control of my own content/channel.

As I type this I look at my channel, its at 1144 subscribers! I never imagined there would be 500 people interested in watching!  I didn't hit the million views coming close at 965,531.

If there is another online video hosting site that fits the bill I will probably shift over and leave youtube/google to do what it does.

Its been a pleasure to share and interact with you all.

73 and best wishes from Norfolk UK

Mark - M0VST