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Antenna Launcher

This is one of my first projects, I needed some way of getting the ends of dipoles and endfeds wires high in natures free tower.. the tree!

I tried everything before I finished up with this design.
Here is a list of the fails...

1. A potato on a long string..
2. A apple tied to the line on the the fishing reel.. (I lost the previous potato)
3 A fishing rod with reel, with lead weight (nearly a green house smasher)
4. The throwing cord and a larger lead weight using arm power..
5 A 12 meter mast to try and hook the wire over branches (limits to 12 metres.. how dull)

Over a year later I've got getting a wire up a tree down to a fine art!

The original reel was £5 from a car boot sale (flea market), the Barnett Cobra catapult had been a friend since I was an early teen.  The second version I used a nice piece of hazel wood for the shaft.

Its fired the lead weight nearly vertical over the top of every tree I've tried with one willow being so huge I had to put the second spool of line on the reel and connect the line to get the weight to the ground on the far side of the tree.

If you don't mind the funny looks when you set up in the local park this is the perfect lightweight high performance slighty dangerous antenna launcher.

After finishing the build I took the contraption out to a large open field for testing..
I first pulled the elastic maybe halfway, released to the bail arm on the reel and hoped for the best.
The result a smooth launch sending the lead weight 25-30 meters.

The next attempt was a full draw on the elastic at 45 degrees to the horizon. The lead weight left the pouch of the Barnett Cobra and within seconds was out of sight. I looked at the fast empting spool and tried to cup the line to slow the projectile... I was to late, the reel was empty.. the line snapped on the spool..
I found the end of the bright fishing line about 25 meters ahead..

The remedy was a bigger reel with a larger spool capacity with heavier line.

After quite a few requests to the antenna launcher in action I made this video


If you construct an antenna launcher based on this design I take no responsiblity for any injury or damaged caused to any property.
You build it and use it as your own risk.
Erect your antennas responsibly..