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FT8900 Handsfree

Well it was about time I did something about this issue, its not good news trying to use a fist microphone while driving along, I've had no bother other a few missed gears but I come to the conclusion I have to do something about it, its only a matter of time before it causes an accident or is blamed for an accident.

I remembered building a headset/microphone combo for the 817 from a £5 computer headset so I knew it wasn't difficult, just had to try and raise the enthusiasm to get it done, or at least started.

A birds nest of components of a small strip of Veroboard soon had a working model with the red and black wires you can see here being the PTT!  I was back to the same problem of having to take my eyes off the road and flicking a switch somewhere then I spotted the perfect button..

The rear wiper control is perfect, its right at my fingertips so I don't have to look for it. I don't use the rear wipers at all so I have removed them entirely (which gave me two excellent 12v gearbox/motors for projects).  The button holds its self in so the need to press and hold down an actual PTT button is removed.

It tidied up the dash as well removing the coiled microphone lead that used to get tangled on everything.  The microphone will eventually be on a long flexible boom allowing me to place the microphone element quite close to my mouth to help reduce the ambient noise transmitted but at the moment its here in its temporary location.

The microphone is perfect for the job but I'm forgetting something....
Its only been a month or so since I put a DTMF microphone on board to take advantage of the GB3JX repeater system, this system requires DTMF tones to control the some of the functionality like echolink and as SYSOP I may need to alter the port configuration via these tones.

Well I remembered an old dialer I had horded for the last 20 years, at last it will have found a home!

Its either going to be this gizmo or I'll fit a socket(s) for the original mic on the passengers side or/and one in the very back we will have to see..

Handsfree at alast

To be continued..