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The Paperclip Dipole

HI all
Well... its put together but its not in the air yet!
I'm not sure how it will perform but isn't that all part of the fun of amateur radio?
Here are the specs.
Its taken 1212 paper clips to make a 40,000mm chain with an overall weight of 538g
The overall dipole will not be 40 metres wide so I imagine I will be taking some of the clips off to adjust for the lowest SWR.

First strength tests seem ok, I've dangled over 500 grams from a 10 link chain to see if the clips opened and failed, so far so good.

This antenna will probably only last a week or so if you hear me on the bands give me a call and ask if its this antenna in use.
There will be a special QSL card for those I work on this antenna.

Fingers crossed I will get this antenna up in the air tomorrow if the weather allows.

Halfwave dipole for 80 meters made from paperclips
Paperclip dipole
Paperclip Dipole

73 de Mark


Hi All
Well after lots of clipping together paperclips for experiment I can say "it worked"!
It wasn't a fantastic performer but did very well with the little power I was prepared to try it with(20 watts).

I have received lots of questions regarding this experiment.

But why?

Well.. I really just wanted to know if it was possible, I've heard a few hams over the years say to weak stations "are you using a paperclip for an antenna?"
Is that a ridiculous question or was it a rhetorical question?
Well, that weak station might have actually been using some paperclips or some such makeshift dipole!

It also shows newcomers to the hobby that practically anything could be used as elements, you don't need to go out and buy antennas when you can make them.

Making that contact, maybe a rare DX station is so much better when its on something you've made yourself.

It was a fun antenna to play about with, it couldn't get much simpler.
Have fun experimenting.

A huge thanks to all that have watched the results.

73 de Mark - M0VST

P.S> only 3 days left....


The Paperclip HF antenna

As you can see in the video I decided to use the Buddipole versa-T for the center but you could have used a piece of terminal strip and found the same results.

I look forward to day when its not raining or too windy here in England to try it out again!
It might be next spring!
73 de Mark