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Bhi DSP Noise cancellation

Welcome to my review in progress of the Bhi NEDSP1061 DSP noise cancellation module.

I first saw Bhi's capability to remove horrible noise demonstrated at a Radio rally and wasn't quite sure of what to make of it, it was an extension speaker in a large noise filled room I didn't get chance to have a good listen or operate any of its controls but I was intrigued.

Next I saw the Bhi unit that was able to fit into a Yaesu FT817nd which of course being a 817 user I was very interested in trying this for myself. The next time I saw the Bhi team I was visiting the national hamfest at Newark showground.  I had a chat with the guys and made my purchase.

Here is a walk through of the some functions.

Part 1

It wasn't a difficult install, the hardest thing being drilling the holes in the case really.

Part 2

I think even on number 4 (100%) the audio is fantastic, I will say it wasn't at first out of the box, you have to adjust it as each 817's calibration is different.
 The effect on AM stations is bizzare with a "reverse-karaoke" type effect where the music is removed and everything turns a capella!

Part 3

It makes a huge difference, the difference between hearing DX and not DX.

To be continued.