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LDG Z100 Auto Tuner

The LDG Z100 Auto Tuner

First impressions

A very compact small lightweight portable ATU which can be either battery powered or from a PSU via a jack plug supplied.
It feels and looks like a well produced ATU, the castings of the case are perfect and both halves fit together with precision often missing in lightweight equipment.

The first trial

After fitting the AA batteries I attached an earth, a patch lead to the FT-897D and a short length of westflex W103 to a LDG 4-1 balun.

The balun had the black side connected to the counterpoise array and earth system, The red side of the balun was connected to a 85 meter length of wire.

This ATU managed a 1-1 match on most bands with 1.5 being the worst on 17m.

The noise of the latching relays was a bit alarming at first but after a few tunes I got used to it.


Im very happy with the performance and build quality of this ATU, I would buy it gain in the blink of an eye for portable use.
It will try and match anything upto 10-1.... most of the other ATU's give up at anything above a 3-1 miss match.
When this was my main ATU I used it everyday for about 9 months without having to replace the battery's

Review in progress
Watch the video for the functions

The M0VST Score

9.5/10 overall making this a must have for portable use.

8/10 for the price

Ease of use 
10/10 practically foolproof