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Liquid Tape

Liquid Tape... What a fantastic invention

I first found out about this product when I bought my SotaBeam, it was advised that it was very useful for waterproofing open ends of coax and insulating any wires with a simple coating of this black tar like substance.

First impressions

Well.. its a yellow tin with a brush on the inside of the lid..

First Trial

It was a lot thicker than I imagined and it goes a long way..
After finishing the coax assembly on the SotaBeam with it I know I could find LOTS of uses for this  "liquid tape".

Straight out into the back garden to insulate and waterproof the coax connection on the Hustler BTV6 and all the dipole centers in use.

As a summary

I first thought it was a bit expensive but after a year I'm still on the first tin... it goes a long way...
Everything I have painted with it has stayed functioning.. there has been no water ingress and hence no corrosion.
Any wires that I've forgotten to slide the heat shrink on before I finished the job get the liquid tape and all are holding up strong.

The M0VST score

Cost 9/10 - after a year the same tin is going strong

Ease of use - 8/10 - Sometimes the big brush thats attached to the lid is to big.. you have to have a steady hand not to get liquid tape ONLY on the part you need.
I recommend using a small watercolor brush for any tight spaces and detail areas.

All the best
Thanks for taking the time to read my review

73 & good DX in 2010

Mark - M0VST - KD8MGW