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Palstar AT2K Antenna Tuner

First impressions

Wow.. How big is this ATU!
Its obvious from the start, this antenna tuner is SOLID.  I knew straight away this was a million miles away from the previous MFJ ATU...

The finish is kind of a stipled black effect, all the dials are nicely spaced and the dual movement cross needle meter is a nice size which emits a plesent warm glow.

The varible capacitors have a 6:1 vernier drive and are rated at 4.5KV each and they are silky smooth.
The six position antenna selector switch is rated at 3kv and gives a solid "clonk" as it switches between the switch wafers.
The silver plated inductor roller glides smoothy along its length making this ATU feel like money well spent.

The manual is detailed but still  easy to follow, its a nice touch that the guys at Palstar include a chart to aid with tuning.
Palstar even include cotton buds (q-tips) to clean the inductor if needed.

The decals and labels printed on the face of the ATU are perfect as is the socket labeling on the back.

The ATU came well packaged with the usual polystyrene inserts to protect it from any damage over the 3,500 mile + trip directly from the Palstar factory in Ohio.

The first trial

I cleared the shack and placed the AT-2K in position, connected the short length of Westflex W103 which has a LDG 4:1 Balun with an 85 meter length endfed wire on the hotside with the blackside connected to my earth array and quarter wave length long counterpoises

I connected the earth post to my earth system.

With the Yaesu FT-897D connected I set about tuning the endfed on 80 meters.  It was very close to the suggested settings in the manual with only minor tweaks to gain the magical 1-1.1 match.

I progressed the trial tuning from 160 meters to 6 meters with a exact match on all bands with the 85 meter long endfed.


review in progress

7 Oct 2010, 16:09