Satellite Operation

I had another experiment with this mode of operation today.
Lots and lots of listening, but the cold temperature had driven me inside..!

So far so good but I do need to source a duplexer, having seperate radios ( the ft817nd & ft897d ) and having to ajust the dopler on both the radios with the micorphone in hand while turning the mast with the other hand is a chore..

This is what I managed to get together in a few hours...

2m and 70cm beams both made by Tonna

The beams are fixed so far with the upright stood on a wide tripod.

The beams have been hanging on the wall what seems like forever.
I've more or less had all the equipment for a while and planned on trying QSO's on the birds.
Normally very easy to listen to with the sotabeam and my VX-7r but this time I wanted something a bit more and without the need to get arm ache!

My Wish List

A rotator...  hopefully a azimuth controlable one
A controller from MIke WB8CXO

To be continued