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The vertical antenna shootout

All sorts of tests, mostly antenna related

This experiment was to find out the differences between three vertical antennas.
Antenna 1 is the "mystery green antenna" I have no information on this antenna at all, It has an N type fitting and has a wing nut for connecting to earth.
Its made from green fiberglass and looks like its very durable.

Antenna 2 is an original Solarcon A99 made in Ohio, it has some of the plastic coating missing from the top section, the fiberglass is shedding and overall it looks like a junker! The tuning rings were seized solid and the so239 fitting was bent as I was to find out after getting it home.

Antenna 3 is a Sirio 827 which I've been carrying around for years (9 years 3 house moves!) I've never it erected at home but I think I did do a portable day with it once, its a 5/8th wave vertical and is well known for being of excellent construction and a big performer on 10 meters

Here are the results.

Alas the Prop returned! I was having serious MUF problems!

I hope you enjoyed the video, it was a lot of fun to make, I must get out there more and share more of my random tests.

73 de Mark